Kim Fraser

Physiotherapist, Certified National Strength and Conditioning Coach, Acupuncture Provider, Pelvic Floor Therapist

Hello! My name is Kim Fraser and I am the Owner of Still Physiotherapy in Saskatoon, SK. Canada. My love language is Sport Performance and the Female Athlete and I love working on building the long lasting, sustainable active individual. I have loved the sport of running and over the years I have worked on helping runners of all different ages and experience levels meet their goals, manage injuries that may be holding them back, and help discover strategies to keep them in the game. If you are not a runner but want to feel your best, have an injury that is stopping you or bringing you down, I am here to listen and support you to help you meet your goals.

Whether you are running your first 5km, trying to PB your marathon time, rowing on the river, cycling to work, swimming or strength training at the gym, I have you covered.

Here are a few things about me. I have three children aged 4, 7 and 10 who love to play basketball, baseball, dance and sing around the house. I have a new puppy golden retriever named Finny as well as an older 10 year old retriever named Abby who is low key, loyal and relaxed most days. I love to run and interior design and I could talk about all the shades of white paint equally as long as I could talk about running.

My Mission, My Vision

It is my mission to find alignment in the body so my clients can feel centred, balanced, restored and well so they are able to tackle the activities they love to participate in.

It is my vision to provide a space my clients can feel listened to, valued, and respected while nurturing their goals and injuries.

The Still Foundations

The Still Point is a moment in which we ease into a therapeutic standstill. It is a pause, a moment in which there is ease and simplicity. It allows us to find stillness in movement, allowing us to feel settled in ourselves. Still Physiotherapy enables the practice of finding efficiency within movement, rebuilding confidence in ourselves after change, finding boundaries within our daily life and training, as well as grace as we navigate our expectations.