Welcome to Still Physio. My name is Kim Fraser and I am a physiotherapist and the Owner of Still Physiotherapy in Saskatoon, SK. Canada. My love language is Sport Performance and The Active Female and I love working on building the long lasting, sustainable active woman.

I have been practicing as a physiotherapist for 16 years and have worked in sport for a decade. I have found pelvic health and women's wellness has not been at the forefront in sport training. This is changing and I am striving to build evidence based education along with therapeutic strategies to ensure females can rise and thrive in the activity she loves. I love treating individuals of all ages, genders, and experience levels helping you feel your best and meet your goals.

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Still Physiotherapy provides physical therapy services for all types of injuries. I use a full therapeutic tool kit including manual therapy techniques, visceral/organ manipulation, strength and conditioning, and acupuncture. A whole body assessment is used to find the root of symptoms. Integration of therapeutic techniques supplemented with strength and conditioning will empower you to move forward.


Whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting out, having a certified strength and conditioning specialist, physiotherapist, & pelvic floor therapist assess your running form and movement patterns is an asset to your performance. Customized training programs, corrective exercises specific to your needs and running plans based on your goals allows you to become a sustainable, long lasting athlete. I help you overcome an injury, improve your performance, and support you in taking that next step. Come see me in person or Join THE JANES to learn more about how you move and how to improve.


Finding balance and symmetry in the pelvis is an essential component of functional health. When we restore optimal alignment, our whole body is able to move and train efficiently. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is for all individuals looking to find pelvic balance at different stages of life. Whether you are experiencing chronic pelvic, hip, low or mid back pain, have pain with sport, or having symptoms of incontinence, sexual health or bladder/bowel concerns, I can rebuild your confidence, change your training outcomes, and improve your quality of life.